Smart Solutions

Jazz up your home or office with automation systems. It’s not only about living on the edge of technology; you can guarantee security of your workplace or household by various security systems incorporated into your automation system. HVAC, Lighting control system, Occupancy-aware control system, Home robots and security, Leak detection, smoke and CO detectors and Pet And Baby Care system are only a small part of our smart solutions.

surveillance systems are known to be the most basic solution to security. Not only are they used for the purpose of security, they can also serve the purpose of monitoring a place, from the control room or from afar.

AI assisted monitoring solutions will enable our clients to monitor what matters without the excess waste of resources. Whether you need to have a record of license plate numbers of all vehicles entering your premises, or recognize people who wander in your shop, we have a solution for that. 

There is a sensor for that! Want to save energy by switching the lights on or off automatically based on the time of the day or presence of a person in the room? there is a sensor for that! Want to set your temperature based on the weather forecast? there is a sensor for that! Want to make sure your kids haven’t burnt down the house, yet? There is a sensor for that!

Have control of your home or office in your hand, from anywhere. Fixed or portable control panels, and smart phone apps make it easier that ever to control everything at the tip of your fingers.

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